About the Sisters

Sarah Wilde and Claudia Van Nes 
Sarah Wilde + Claudia Van Nes

Our mother instilled and encouraged creativity in her daughters.

With this support, we both ended up majoring in art in college and dreaming of artist lives; soon replaced with a career in teaching art and expressive dance for Sarah;  journalism for Claudia. And, then there were the husbands, the children and all the rest of life.

But through our adulthood, both of us pursued art as an avocation, took classes, drew, made our own Christmas cards, did silk screening, pottery, rug hooking, Ukranian egg painting and all sorts of other arts and crafts. We painted in the wedges of free time and when we both hit 59 we decided, quite independent of each other that the time had finally come. 
Since then we have grown into serious painters. We have found wonderful teachers to study with and paint with a passion alone and with other devoted artists.  
Claudia, two years older than Sarah lives in Chester, Connecticut and Sarah in Walpole, Maine, so our pursuits of later-in-life careers as artists are being taken down separate geographical paths, though similar artistic ones. We both paint in a semi representational style, with Sarah’s inspiration often coming from the mountains and waters of Maine and Claudia’s from her garden and home.
We think our mother would be very pleased.